Over £500,000 raised for undergraduate scholarships

Alumni Fund ScholarsFrom September 2016 there will no longer be maintenance grants available for undergraduates, hitting students from lower income backgrounds the hardest and potentially having a negative impact on their student experience and levels of debt after graduation.

However, thanks to overwhelming support from our community of supporters, we have managed to raise £500,000 for undergraduate scholarships which will help 150 students from lower income backgrounds to bridge the gap between them and their peers at this difficult time.

As a university we are fortunate that we attract lots of students from diverse backgrounds and we want to ensure that as many as possible can enjoy the full student experience. Last year our donors raised enough for around 130 scholarships, but there were three times as many applications as scholarships awarded and this, along with the axing of maintenance grants, made this year’s donations all the more important.

Megan MyerMegan Myer graduated in July with a BA in English Literature and her Alumni Fund Scholarship enabled her to fully immerse herself in student life and get the most out of her time at Sheffield. She said:

“My Alumni Fund Scholarship was really important to me as it opened up so many opportunities for me to explore my skills and challenge myself through societies and volunteering. Without the scholarship I would not have been able to embrace all aspects of the university experience.

“Being awarded it meant that I could relieve the financial burden that faces many students now due to increased fees, and focus on my studies, my wellbeing, and settling in to making Sheffield my home. Furthermore, without the scholarship I would not have been able to really become who I am today, as it has opened doors for me, increased my confidence and helped me discover my dreams.

“I feel extremely blessed to be chosen as an undergraduate scholarship recipient and very proud to be a student of such a philanthropic university.”

Scholarships are worth £1,200 per year for three years and contribute towards the cost of living for students. Donations this year have ranged from a few pounds up to thousands of pounds with every single donation helping to make a difference. Thank you to everyone who has come together to join us in giving students of all backgrounds the gift of education.

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