05 February 2003

10 bursaries provided by history graduate

Mrs Muriel McDermott-Day

Ten deserving students are being helped through their first year at University by a former student they have never met. Ten support bursaries of £1,250 have been provided by Mrs Muriel McDermott-Day who studied at the University of Sheffield during World War II.

Mrs McDermott-Day has always cherished her time studying history at Sheffield. In making this gesture she wants to help ensure that the experiences of today's Sheffield students are as positive and life-changing as her own.

Cheques were presented by Vice-Chancellor Professor Bob Boucher to Cheryl Aitken, Dan Chedgzoy, Stephen Nelson, Kate Parker, Soham Patel, Rosie Sapak, Chris Scott, Trudy Russell, Lee White and Michelle Wilkinson.

Photo: bursary students

Mrs McDermott-Day was unable to come to Sheffield to see her bursaries presented to the students, but sent a message of encouragement to them from her home in Berwick-upon-Tweed:

"I made this small gift to help current students in gratitude to Sheffield University. I hope that these students receive the same joy, pleasure and fulfilment from their time at the University as I did. I wish the ten students all happiness. Please tell them that to me Sheffield University is the University of all universities."

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