20 October 2003

Special viewing of Pleasurelands Exhibition

A group of local Sheffield alumni enjoyed a private viewing of Pleasurelands, an exhibition of 200 years of fairground memorabilia currently visiting the Millennium Galleries.

Photo: alumni at exhibition

This special alumni event marked the re-launch of the University of Sheffield's Alumni Foundation, which channels the donations of former students and friends of the University to worthy students and projects on campus. The Alumni Foundation supported Pleasurelands with a £2,000 grant to publish a comprehensive exhibition brochure.

Pleasurelands is the first major touring exhibition of fairground memorabilia to be organised in the UK and opened in Sheffield on 1 October. The National Fairground Archive, founded by Dr Vanessa Toulmin and housed in the University Library, is a major contributor to the exhibition.

Pleasurelands runs in Sheffield until 18 January 2004, moving on to Croydon and Edinburgh. For more information about the exhibition please visit the Pleasurelands website.

Link: www.pleasurelands.org.uk

Or visit the website of the National Fairground Archive.

Link: www.sheffield.ac.uk/nfa