Bummit 2012 Group Shot

Bummit is a charity hitch-hiking group that has been running for the past nine years. It is part of the University of Sheffield Students’ Union and part of SheffieldRag (‘Raising and Giving’), a voluntary programme that organises events to raise money for a variety of charitable causes.

‘Big Bummit’ is a weeklong charity hitch-hike across Europe. In the past, the hitch-hiking destinations have been Poland, Hungary and Croatia. This year saw just under 360 students from the University of Sheffield hitch-hike to Sofia in Bulgaria.

‘Baby Bummit’ is a one day, UK based hitch which guarantees individuals a much sought after place on Big Bummit.

Each person is required to raise a minimum of £200 sponsorship to support SheffieldRag's worthy causes. A total of 85% of the money raised supports local charities in Sheffield and South Yorkshire, with the remaining 15% supporting charities further afield.

To see more pictures of Bummit view them here:

To read further information on Bummit: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/gmousr

To read more about RAG http://www.sheffieldrag.com/