Think back to your days at Sheffield and we’re sure you can tap into a rich vein of anecdotes, from academic highs and lows to sporting triumphs, and some possibly fairly dubious escapades in between. Added to your childhood memories, travels, adventures, career and family life this forms an invaluable fund of stories to hand down to the next generation in a private life book. Until recently most people have dismissed the possibility of writing their autobiography because of the work and expertise required. But now there’s a new service that will professionally manage the whole process easily and enjoyably for you.

LifeBook records people’s life stories in weekly interviews over a six-month period. These are professionally ghost-written, edited and printed in ten hardback copies with 150 pages of text and colour photographs, published as a family legacy to be shared down the generations. It also makes a perfect gift for an older relative whose life you might like to record and celebrate. It’s the gift of a lifetime, quite literally.

Perhaps our alumni might consider recording their own stories to give to their family, and possibly even share the relevant sections with us? Or they might think of giving this gift of a lifetime to an older relative? Not only will it make for a fascinating experience but the Sheffield University student emergency fund (which supports your successors in cases of hardship and need) will benefit from a contribution of £310 for each LifeBook bought. All you have to do is quote shu1 when ordering.

To find out more about this interesting project call LifeBook 020 3291 1169 or visit their website Happy reminiscing!

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