Achieve More: Global Engineering Challenge

28 January 2015, 1100 students, 30 alumni.

Achieve More is a university-wide initiative to engage students beyond their academic study through faculty-based challenges. The Faculty of Engineering’s Achieve More event was the Global Engineering Challenge, now in it’s 4th year. Students were required to work in multi-disciplinary groups to solve real-life engineering problems faced by developing communities – addressing not only the technical issues, but the social, ethical and environmental aspects also.

Achieve More Global Eng Challenge

Achieve More Global Eng Challenge

Alumni Involvement

Alumni offered feedback on students’ work and shared their own skills and expertise to help students think about the qualities required of them in the wider world of work. Alumni also participating in the “Board Room”, providing feedback on elements of the student group’s teamwork and project planning.


Students improved their decision-making skills and were able to apply their course-specific knowledge to real-world situations.

“The day reaffirmed for me that it is highly satisfying to give back to the place at which I had received valuable education previously. Through sharing my own post-Sheffield experience, I hope that the students got as much out of the event as I did to inform their future choices and decisions."

Huayi Huang,
BSc Computer Science 2010
PhD Researcher, Queen Mary, University of London

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