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Environmental impact

In the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences we are particularly aware of the environmental implications of human activities. We are taking steps both to implement more effective departmental procedures to prevent waste and reduce carbon emissions and to encourage and support staff individually to reduce the environmental impact of their work activities.

Here are some links to more detailed information about how the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences is saving energy and lowering the carbon footprint of the Department.

The APS Green Impact Guide 2018

APS Green Impact Information

Silver Award for Green Impact

The department has been awarded a Silver Standard for its Green Impact as a whole department. The combined forces of the APS Laboratories gained the Silver Award for Labs. The Alfred Denny Service Delivery Co-ordinators (Porters) received a special award as ‘Environmental Heroes’ for their excellent work. This includes saving energy by switching off lights after hours, reducing landfill by separating waste into recycling streams, and finding homes for unwanted furniture rather than sending it for scrap. Well done to everyone involved.

Other university-wide environmental impact initiatives


Degrees Cooler

Green Impact is part of the Degrees Cooler programme, which supports 'green' behaviour change in more than 90,000 students and staff over the next two years.


Green Impact

Green Impact, which forms part of the Degrees Cooler initiative, is an environmental accreditation scheme. This means that anyone can take simple, structured action towards greening their departments, and be rewarded for doing so.

Going Greener Logo

Going Greener

Rolled out as part of Degrees Cooler, the Going Greener is a growing network of students and staff coming together to strengthen environmental change in the university. Going Greener uses a model similar to the Transition Towns network, but is adapted to the specific context of universities.