The Graduate Committee

The Graduate Committee is responsible for Departmental policy in matters concerning graduate students, in particular: recruitment, induction, the Doctoral Development Programme, and monitoring of progress.

The committee meets at least every two months, with additional meetings as necessary to deal with specific issues. The current make-up of the Graduate Committee is as follows:

Name Email Phone Room
Dr Dylan Childs - Chair 24705 C214
Dr Gareth Phoenix - Academic Staff 20082 C203
Professor Duncan Cameron - Academic Staff 20066 C56
Dr David Edwards - Academic Staff 20147 E210
Dr Karl Evans - Academic staff 20125 B2 210
Professor Rob Freckleton - Academic Staff 20017 C214
Dr Virpi Lummaa - Academic Staff 20051 B1 213
Professor Colin Osborne - Academic Staff 20146 C214
Dr Tom Webb - Academic Staff 24705 C215
Venelina Koleva - ACCE Manager
20054 D210
Angela Doncaster - Secretary 20067 D Floor Admin
Emily Beardon - Student Representative 20045 C45
Alun Jones - Student Representative 20034 C214
Kimberley Simpson - Student Representative 20034 C214
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If there are matters you wish to have discussed at a Graduate Committee meeting, they may be raised with any committee member. The student reps normally circulate a reminder shortly before each meeting.

A summary of matters discussed at meetings, and decisions taken, is circulated to all graduates and staff shortly after each meeting.