Departmental PhD Student Support Network

There are a range of services across the University which support students experiences difficulties. These include the Student Services Information Desk (SSID), the Counselling Service, Nightline and the Student Union Officers. In addition, every PhD student has their own network of people to support them should they face difficulties in the course of their studies. Difficulties may be intrinsic to the PhD or extrinsic factors which may affect the rate with which a PhD student can progress. Intrinsic examples include disagreements between students and supervisors, or attempting an unsustainably high work load for too long to the detriment of a student's well-being and/or PhD progress. Extrinsic examples include health issues or difficult personal circumstances.

The flowchart below outlines where you can seek support from within the Department. Please remember it is far better to ask for support early than to let problems escalate. In many cases your supervisor will be the usual first point of call for support, but this may not always be the case. There are other routes for seeking support if you feel they would be appropriate.

PhD Student Support Network