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What's here?

These pages provide information for current students on courses in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences.

The information here should cover most of the things you need to know about things such as outline information for modules, student handbooks, exam information and common Departmental procedures. It is mainly long-lived information that applies for the whole academic session.

Most of the information is organised by Level, but there are some things that apply to everybody (Information for all Levels) and a range of Frequently Asked Questions.

Need to contact someone?

If you can't find what you are after here, or in the other online resources, then try:

Your personal tutor: for general academic and pastoral advice and support.

Year tutors: for things such as absence from the University, special circumstances, deadline extensions, degree course changes, etc.

Module coordinators and teaching staff: for academic questions relating to a specific module.

APS Office: for all general enquiries, forms, handbooks, etc.

What's elsewhere online?

The Department also uses MOLE to provide online resources (links on the right):

MOLE: provides information and resources associated with the specific modules you are doing. This could include lecture slides, reading lists, practice exam questions, and links to TurnItIn for submitting written work.

Get involved and let us know what you think

If you want to raise a general issue, or suggest something to improve the way things are done the Student-Staff Committee is here to represent you and provide a channel for discussing ways in which we can provide the best study environment for you. You can raise any issue you wish, and perhaps change things for the benefit of everyone.