Level 1 Modules in APS 2020-2021

Level 1 Modules
Module No Module Title Semester Credits
APS11002 Ecosystems and Environmental Field Course (2*) 2 10
APS121 Evolution 1A 10
APS122 Biodiversity 1B 10
APS123 Population and Community Ecology 1 2B 10
APS124 Ecosystems, Climate and Environmental Change 2A 10
APS125 Genes in Populations 1B 10
APS126 Animal Behaviour 2B 10
APS135 Skills for Biologists 1 (1*) 1 and 2 30
APS136 Animal Physiology, Reproduction and Development 2A 10
APS137 How Plants Work: Physiology, Reproduction and Development 2A 10
APS138 Molecular and Cell Biology 1A 10
APS139 Skills for Environmental Sciences (2*) 1 and 2 20

(1*) Only available to students in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences

(2*) Only available to Environmental Science Students

Unrestricted Modules available to Level 1 Students in Animal and Plant Sciences 2020-21

Module No.
Module Title Semester Credits
BMS106 Pathobiology 1B 10
BMS108 Physiology with Pharmacology 2 20
BMS110 Research Topics in Biomedicine 2 10
BMS153 Neuroscience 2 20

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