APS 119 Animal and Plant Physiology

Level 1
Semester 2A
Credits 10
Restrictions Cannot take when taking APS136 and/or APS137
Teaching Staff Dr Beth Dyson, Dr Louise Heaton
Co-ordinator Dr Beth Dyson


This course is an introduction to the physiology of animals, plants and fungi. The course will compare and contrast the ways in which animals, plants and fungi acquire and process energy, nutrients and water, with particular attention paid to the relationship between structure and function.

Aims and Objectives

This unit aims to introduce students to the essential physiological processes of plants, fungi and animals and to enable them to compare and contrast these processes.
By the end of the unit, a candidate will be able to:
(i) explain the processes photosynthesis in plants, and respiration in animals and plants
(ii) describe the acquisition and transport of water and nutrients in plants
(iii) describe the nutritional and gas exchange processes in animals
(iv) outline the regulation of temperature, water balance and excretion in animals

Delivery Method: 18 lectures, 2 Practicals. You are also required to read set papers that are related to the lecture material. Your comprehension of these papers will be examined in the multiple choice examination.

Student Contact hours: 24

Assessment Method: 2 hour, multiple-choice examination (70 questions).
You are required to take the on-line self- assessment test for APS119.

FEEDBACK: You will receive feedback via the online self-assessment test.  You will also receive feedback on your performance in different sections of the multiple choice examination after the marks have been released.

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