APS 122 Biodiversity

Level 1
Semester 1B
Credits 10
Teaching Staff Dr Beth Dyson, Dr Fiona Hunter, Dr Stephen Rolfe, Dr Christian Voigt
Co-ordinator Dr Fiona Hunter


This course introduces the concept of biodiversity - what it is and how we measure it. Biodiversity will be explored through examining the range and distribution of life on Earth. The plants and animals will be covered in detail, with an introduction to the vast diversity of fungi and prokaryotes.

Aims and Objectives

This unit aims to introduce students to the concept of biodiversity and to provide a detailed understanding of the plant and animal kingdoms.

By the end of the unit the student will be able to:
(i) explain the concept of biodiversity and how it is measured;
(ii) understand the major features of the major groups of organisms on this planet:

(iii) explain in detail the relationships between the major groups of plants and animals.

DELIVERY METHOD: 18 lectures, 3 practicals


ASSESSMENT METHOD: 2 hour, multiple-choice examination
You are required to take the on-line self assessment test for APS122.

FEEDBACK: You will receive feedback via the online self-assessment test.  You will also receive feedback on your performance in different sections of the multiple choice examination after the marks have been released.

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