APS 126 Animal Behaviour

Level 1
Semester 2B
Credits 10
Teaching Staff Dr Nicola Hemmings, Dr Fiona Hunter
Co-ordinator Dr Fiona Hunter


This unit will provide an introduction to behaviour, focussing on the four fundamental questions: (i) the evolution of behaviour; (ii) the function of behaviour; (iii) the ontogeny of behaviour and (iv) the causation (or mechanism) of behaviour.  The underlying genetic and environmental bases for behaviour will be explored and a central theme will be the extent to which animal behaviour can inform us about human behaviour.  The course will introduce the major concepts on specific topics, including sexual behaviour, foraging behaviour and social behaviour. 
The following link will take you to an introductory video on Animal Behaviour: www.youtube.com/watch

Aims and Objectives

Tha aim of this module is to introduce students to:
(1) The four fundamental questions in animal behaviour  (evolution, function or adaptive significance, development and mechanism)
(2) The underlying genetic and evironmental bases for behaviour
(3) The concepts and supporting evidence for a range of specific behaviour

By the end of the unit a candidate should be able to:

(1) Describe the four fundamental approaches to behaviour i.e. evolution, function or adaptive significance, development and mechanism
(2) Discuss the underlying genetic and environmental bases for behaviour
(3) Discuss the concepts that explain a range of specific behaviours

(4) Provide specific examples of a range of Behaviours
(5) Describe key behavioural studies from the scientific literature

DELIVERY METHOD:  Lectures (including a combination of traditional lectures, video lectures and interactive discussion sessions), and Practicals. 


FEEDBACK: You will receive feedback via the online self-assessment test within 1 week of the test closing. You will also receive feedback on your performance in different sections of the multiple choice examination after the marks have been released.

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