APS 131 Ecological Identification Skills

Level 1
Semester 1&2
Credits 10
Teaching Staff Professor Philip Warren
Co-ordinator Professor Philip Warren
Restrictions Only available to Animal and Plant Science and Environmental Science Students


This course gives experience of the identification and research skills needed for ecological fieldwork. It involves a structured programme of online identification and research assignments over the academic year, with a practical examination at the end of the year. The course will develop familiarity with using identification guides, with a range of plant and animal groups, and the ecological issues associated with them.

Aims and Objectives

This unit aims to develop skills in the recognition and identification of a range of UK organisms; the use of keys and other reference sources for identification; and researching ecological background information on organisms.
By the end of, the unit, a candidate will be able to: (i) demonstrate the ability to recognize/identify a range of plants and animals likely to be encountered in an the UK, and comment on the ecological context in which they are likely to be encountered; (ii) use standard field guides; (iii) understand how to report formal and common names of organisms; (iv) obtain and report relevant ecological and conservation information about organisms.

DELIVERY METHOD: Introductory seminars, online exercises, independent field visits


ASSESSMENT METHOD: continuous assessment of identification exercises; 3 hour examination; field visit diary.
There is no on-line self assessment test for this module.

FEEDBACK: Students will receive feedback throughout the module

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