APS136 Animal Physiology, Reproduction and Development

Level 1
Semester 2A
Credits 10
Teaching Staff Dr Fiona Hunter, Dr Nicola Nadeau
Co-ordinator Dr Fiona Hunter


This course is an introduction to the physiology, reproduction and development of animals. The course will explore how animals acquire and process energy, nutrients and water, and will examine fertilisation in mammals and embryonic development in a range of vertebrates. 

Aims and Objectives

This unit aims to introduce students to the essential and unifying concepts of physiology, reproduction and development in animals, which are central to modern biology.

By the end of this unit, a student will be able to: (i) explain the process of respiration in animals (ii) describe the systems of digestion and nutrient absorption in mammals; (ii) outline the regulation of temperature, water balance and excretion in animals; (iii) outline mammalian reproduction, (iv) describe early embryonic development and its control in a range of vertebrates. (v) understand key concepts from the scientific literature.

Delivery Method: Lectures and Practicals

Assessment Method: To be Confirmed

 Feedback: You will receive feedback via an online self assessment test and on request in the practical sessions.

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