APS 211 Insects

Level 2
Semester 1B
Credits 10
Pre/Co Requisites -
Recommended Requisites -
Teaching Staff Professor Mike Siva-Jothy
Co-ordinator Professor Mike Siva-Jothy


This course will:
Consider the major evolutionary events, the key adaptations and the basic biology underpinning the phenomenal success of the class Insecta.


The phylogenetic origin of insects, followed by the key evolutionary events (the evolution of wings, the evolution of a wing-folding mechanism and the evolution of the holometablous life-history). Basic insect structure and function in the context of those aspects of the insect Bauplan that contribute to their taxonomic success.

DELIVERY METHOD: 12 lectures + 12 hours of student-centred learning


ASSESSMENT METHOD: Coursework and Examination

FEEDBACK: Students can receive feedback on performance in examinations by arranging a meeting with their personal tutor after mid-March

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