APS 245 Freshwater Ecology Field Course

Level 2
Semester 1A (Summer Vacation)
Credits 10
Pre/Co Requisites -
Recommended Requisites -
Restrictions Restricted to Ecology and Conservation Biology Degree Programme ONLY
Teaching Staff Professor Philip Warren
Co-ordinator Professor Philip Warren


This course will:

- Introduce a range of organisms, their identification and approaches of studying their ecology with particular reference to upland streams and rivers, and their surroundings.
- Introduce basic techniques used in ecological investigations, with particular reference to those appropriate for aquatic ecosystems, including monitoring techniques used assessment of water and habitat quality.
- Help to develop an understanding of the environmental factors and community processes that are important in determining the species composition and distribution on flowing water ecosystems.
- Consider some of the problems of management of such systems under multiple uses such as water supply, recreation and biodiversity conservation.


The broad content of the field course is:

- Identification of freshwater invertebrates.
- Sampling of stream habitats and biota for monitoring, and ecological investigations.
- Data analysis, hypothesis generation and testing.
- Consideration of the key challenges of managing flowing water systems human dominated environments

Delivery Method: 5 day field course in Sheffield

Assessment Method: A written report (50% weighting), a poster (50% weighting).

Feedback: Students will receive feedback frequently during the Field Course and Presentations. Feedback will also be given through Peer Review at a Poster Session.

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