APS 266 Ecology Project Practical

Level 2
Semester 2B
Credits 5
Pre/Co Requisites APS118 or APS135 and APS240
Recommended Requisites -
Teaching Staff Professor Philip Warren
Co-ordinator Professor Philip Warren
Restrictions Only available to Ecology and Conservation Biology students


This course will provide students with experience of sampling and analysing data from long term aquatic ecology experiments, and with the design and planning of such studies.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the unit, a candidate will be able to demonstrate: (i) practical skills in designing, conducting and reporting on ecological field investigations; (ii) a critical understanding of the sampling and data analysis methodologies used in investigating freshwater algal and invertebrate communities; (iii) an ability to articulate and justify a research plan in the form of a research proposal.


During six practical sessions you will sample and process material from an existing experimental system, and consider the analysis and interpretation of those data. You will then design and propose a new experiment using these experimental systems to test specific environmental manipulations or other treatments.

Delivery Method: Laboratory sessions, field work

Student Contact Hours: 18

Assessment Method: Written report in the form of a research proposal

Feedback: Students will receive feedback during the practical and after presentations. Feedback will also be received on written reports after marking

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