APS 336 Animal Ecology and Behaviour Field Course

Level 3
Semester 1 (Summer Vacation)
Credits 10
Pre/Co Requisites -
Restrictions Only available to Animal and Plant Science Students
Teaching Staff Dr Louise Heaton
Co-ordinator Dr Louise Heaton


The aim of the field course is to provide an opportunity to practice existing, and develop new practical skills in hypothesis testing, experimental design, data collection, data analysis and both oral and written presentation, in the context of ecological field work. In addition, the course provides an introduction to the biological diversity of the Peak District.


Project work involving a range of organisms and ecological processes characteristic of woodland and upland habitats in Sheffield and the Peak District. The core of this is to analyse a biological problem, derive testable hypotheses and then design experiments and put the tests into practice. We work through all of these steps, plus the critically important presentation of your ideas and results to others. The first two days are spent on class exercises and the last three days on your own group project.

Delivery method: 6 day field course.

Student contact hours: 60

Assessment method: Project report, insect collection and presentation

Assessment Weighting: 80% Report, 15% Insect Collection, 5% Group Presentation

JISC Submission: None

Feedback: Students will receive feedback frequently during the Field Course and written feedback will be available on your Field Course Write Up

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