APS 337 Behavioural Ecology Field Course

Level 3
Semester 1 (Summer Vacation)
Credits 10
Pre/Co Requisites -
Restrictions Only available to Animal and Plant Science Students
Teaching Staff Professor Ben Hatchwell, Dr Fiona Hunter
Co-ordinator Professor Ben Hatchwell


The aim of the field course is to provide a broad range of practical and intellectual skills including experimental design, collecting and analysing biological data, identifying and resolving problems and collaborative work. The field work is mainly aimed at addressing questions in behavioural ecology and students are expected to identify and conduct an original empirical field-based project.


• Survey of the local fauna (hypothesis testing step 1 : observation).
• Presentation of results and discussion for follow-up work.
• Survey of local sites to identify project systems.
• Planning and design of experimental field work with regular oral presentations and class discussions centred on presented work.
• Execution of field work, collection and analysis of data, presentation of data.

Delivery Method: 8 day field course.

Student Contact Hours: 84

Assessment Method: Project Report.

Assessment Weighting: 70% Report, 30% Performance in the field

JISC Submission: None

Feedback: Students will receive feedback frequently during the Field Course and written feedback will be available on your Field Course Write Up during December.

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