APS 340 Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme

Level 3
Semester 1 & 2
Credits 20
Teaching Staff Dr Jonathan Graves, Dr Penny Watt
Co-ordinator Dr Jonathan Graves


This unit aims to:
• Enable students to gain experience of teaching in a school environment;
• Develop presentation and communication skills relevant to teaching;
• To train students in the preparation of teaching materials and lesson planning;
• Enhance interpersonal skills relevant to dealing with young students;
• To provide experience of teaching to those interested in pursuing it as a career;
• To inspire prospective undergraduates by providing positive role models in the classroom.


This module will enable students to gain experience in the teaching of biology including the preparation of teaching materials and the planning and execution of a teaching programme. Students will spend one half day per week for 10 weeks during the spring semester in a school or other educational institution helping to educate young people. They will be responsible for formulating and delivering an educational project about some aspect of biology during their placement. The student will work under the supervision of a class teacher at all times. Although most of the contact time will be in the spring semester, students will attend an induction course in the autumn which will introduce them to working with children, conduct in schools and child protection issues. They will also be introduced to the national curriculum and the type of subject specific teaching they will be involved with. During the autumn term students will also need to contact their host institution and arrange the details of their placement.

Delivery Method: 4 tutorials and tutor supervision

Student Contact Hours: 10 hours plus school placement 35 hours

Assessment Method: Project Report (5000 words), log book, Teaching Assessment

Assessment Weighting: 90% Report, 5% Log book, 5% Teaching Assessment

JISC submission: Yes - Report

Feedback: Students will receive feedback on up to 25% of the Undergraduate Ambassadors Report. No feedback will be given after Monday 9th May 2016. Students will also receive feedback (written or verbal) from meetings with their Undergraduate Ambassador supervisors (at approximately 2 week intervals). Feedback will normally given within 7 days.

Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) check
In order to work with children it is essential that students obtain an enhanced CRB check. Students on the UAS scheme will be responsible for ensuring that they obtain this as soon as possible and not later than the start of the spring semester. If a student fails to obtain this check before the start of the spring semester they will not be able to continue on the UAS scheme and will have to do a dissertation instead. In such an event the dissertation supervisor would normally be the UAS supervisor already assigned to that student.

The cost of the enhanced CRB check is approximately £36. The student will be responsible for this cost. However, in recent years the department has been able to subsidise these to some extent from a grant given to the department by the University. We cannot guarantee that this grant will continue.
Within Sheffield the host educational institution may wish to carry out the CRB check. Therefore students placed with educational institutions within Sheffield may have to arrange their CRB check with their placement institution. Students placed outside Sheffield will be able to arrange their CRB check via the APS office.
This situation could change, for up to date information, please contact the Departmental Office.

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