APS347 Conflict and Cooperation

Level 3
Semester 1
Credits 20
Pre-Requisite APS209 Animal Behaviour
Teaching Staff Professor Ben Hatchwell, Dr Fiona Hunter, Dr Nicola Hemmings
Co-ordinator Professor Ben Hatchwell


This course aims to provide the opportunity for students to develop (i) their knowledge of cutting-edge research in behavioural ecology, (ii) their skills in accessing, interpreting and synthesising the primary scientific literature in this field and (iii) their ability to think independently. This will be achieved by introducing students to a range of issues and topics of central theoretical importance in the field of behavioural ecology and by showing how a combination of observation, and field and laboratory experimentation can be used to test hypotheses originating from theory. Specifically, the characteristics and implications of cooperation and conflict will be studied in a variety of contexts.

Aims and Objectives

By the end of the module, a student should be able to demonstrate:
• an understanding of the conceptual/theoretical framework of behavioural ecology.
• knowledge of the ways in which behavioural ecology theory has been developed and tested and the results of such tests.
• an understanding of the evolutionary causes and consequences of conflict and cooperation in a variety of contexts and at different levels of biological organisation, from genomes through individuals to social groups.
• an ability to identify and interpret relevant information from the primary literature and to synthesise across publications, especially in the field of behavioural ecology.
• an ability to debate articulately the theory and empirical support related to a specific area of cooperation and/or conflict

DELIVERY METHOD: 28 Lectures and 1 Seminar


ASSESSMENT METHOD: Coursework and Examination

ASSESSMENT METHOD AND WEIGHTING: 33% Coursework and 67% Examination


FEEDBACK: Two of the timetabled lectures are for questions and feedback on lecture material and coursework. Students can also receive feedback on performance in examinations and coursework by arranging a meeting with their personal tutor at the start of the following Semester.

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