APS351 Human Evolutionary Genetics

Level 3
Semester 2B
Credits 10
Pre Requisites APS125 or APS274 or BMS109 or BMS157 or MBB162
Teaching Staff Professor Jon Slate, Dr Kai Zeng
Co-ordinator Professor Jon Slate


This module will provide students with an understanding of how genomics has shaped our understanding of the evolution of modern humans. This will be achieved through lectures, independent reading and journal club discussions. Topics covered will include: the evolution of modern humans; the history of how humans colonised the world; how the Neanderthal genome has revealed hybridisation between Homo sapiens and Neanderthal man; how human genomes can tell us about the history and causes of modern genetic disorders; how our genomes reveal past episodes of selection; and how life history theory is used to study natural selection and evolution in pre-industrial humans.

Aims and Objectives

This module aims to provide students with the opportunity:
i) To understand the most cutting-edge research in human evolutionary genetics
ii) To understand how genomics can be used to understand genetic variation in modern humans, and how this has relevance to genetic disorders and epidemiology
iii) To be able to identify signatures of selection from DNA databases.
iv) To think independently

Delivery Method: 16 Lectures and 2 workshop sessions

Assessment Method: Examination

Assessment Weighting: 100% Examination

TurnItIn Submission: None

Feedback: Students can also receive feedback on performance in examinations by arranging a meeting with their personal tutor at the start of the following Semester.

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