Year Tutors

For each level there is a member a of academic staff assigned as the year tutor. Year tutors will be able to advise you on academic aspects of the course for that level, and are also the appropriate people to see (along with your personal tutor) if you have problems that are affecting your academic work.

The year tutors are sown below, by clicking on the staff name it will take you to there own web page which includes contact information:

Level Staff Room Telephone
Level 1 Dr P Watt B1 206a 20076
Level 2 Dr J Graves CMezz 20075
Level 3 Professor C Wellman C202 23689
Level 4 Professor B Hatchwell B91 24625

Co-ordinator for the Environmental Science Degree
Degree Staff Room Telephone
Environmental Science Degree Dr Jonathan Graves
CMezz 20075