Child using microscope

Child's drawing of a seahorse

Child's drawing of a scorpionChild's drawing of a grasshopper

Child's drawing of a cricket

What our 'Scientists for a day' say...

Children's comments

“I want to be a scientist when I grow up”. Joel.

“It tickled when the locust slided up my sleeve”. Jessie.

“We felt like real scientists, I really enjoyed holding the creatures, especially the stick insects, stick insects are my favourite creatures now”. Emma.

“I really enjoyed holding the bugs because I had not done it before”. Marcus.

“I really enjoyed the lab, Toby’s microscopes were awesome. Jo’s experiment was awesome as well.” Thomas.

“I really enjoyed going into the museum and looking at the skeletons, some of the animals had the real side on one side and on the other side they had the skeleton”. Bronwyn.

“Can we come to your lab again tomorrow?” Callum. 

Teachers' comments

"Thank you so much for our visit to your dept last week. We had a fantastic time. We have some great photos of the children being scientists. The day was very well organised, we were amazed by how much you fitted into the time. Several children were on the verge of falling asleep on the bus back! The people who led your group activities were very patient and really engaged with the children. Delphine, my job share partner thought it was 'the best visit we've ever been on'. I felt I learned a lot about doing investigations and our parent helpers were equally impressed. I heard one say that she was going to have a go at some of the investigations at home with her daughter. We would love to visit you again in the next academic year” 

(Teacher, St Joseph’s RC Primary School).

"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the fantastic visit our school have had over the last two days. All the children have learnt and developed their scientific enquiry skills brilliantly! It was really good to see them use the skills we had learnt in school in a different environment. They really enjoyed the experience and have developed their understanding about what a scientist is and what a scientist does. All the adults who came along all said what a fab trip it was and how well organised you were. We really feel you have thought carefully about what we wanted the children to learn and skills we wanted to develop and have done this brilliantly. It was also really good for the children to see and work with the student scientists as it gave them good role models and something to aspire to. I was amazed at how engaged the children were in all of the activities and both Lynne and I think they could have continued to work on the activities for longer. Today in class, the children have been asking to finish off work they did yesterday and have enjoyed revisiting the booklets they looked at before the visit. Thank you for a fab day and thank you for all the hard work you have put in - it really was brilliant! We would really like to book for next year please!” 

(Teacher, Holt House Infant School)