The Christmastime Lecture

Birds are Amazing lecture

Every Christmastime, Animal and Plant Sciences plays host to a major outreach event. Over 1000 Year 5-7 pupils and their teachers from around Sheffield and beyond travel to the Octagon to participate in an interactive lecture packed with hands-on demonstrations and incredible video footage.

Clair's dinosaur demo

Following each Lecture we provide the children with the chance to look at a range of specimens and demonstrations up close. They can also talk to our students and staff about science and what it's like to come to University.

2012 Christmastime Lecture: Dinosaurs are Dynamite

Dinosaurs are Dynamite lecture

Professor Charles Wellman gave our second Christmastime Lecture, 'Dinosaurs are Dynamite'. Charles has been studying early life on Earth for more than 20 years. He's an active research biologist and one of our department's most popular and enthusiastic lecturers. Charlses was voted Animal and Plant Science's Teacher of the Year by our students in 2008. He is dedicated to bringing science to the next generation of biologists.

Kids with T-Rex head

The talk was dynamite! With a Tyrannosaurus head on stage and a screen filled with life-sized images of dinosaurs, we were taken on a roller-coaster ride from the Triassic to the Cretaceous period.

2011 Christmastime Lecture: Birds are Amazing

Prof T R Birkhead

Our first ever Christmastime Lecture, 'Birds are Amazing' was given by Professor Tim Birkhead. Tim is a Fellow of the Royal Society and has studied birds for over 40 years. He has inspired generations of students with his enthusiastic lectures and was awarded the prestigious Senate Award for Sustained Excellence in Teaching in 2007. He is passionate about bringing science to the public and inspiring the next generation of biologists.

Golden eagle

The talk was fascinating and truly inspirational. The visual highlights were many and varied, including a live golden eagle, a flock of 1-day-old chicks, incredible images of birds, video of peregrines diving at 200mph and owl chicks bringing up pellets. Great fun was had by all who attended.