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Your masters degree

If you have a strong interest in biology, and a passion for creating and refining our knowledge about the living world, working on novel solutions to biological problems and developing your scientific creativity, then a masters degree in the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences may be for you. They're a great way to build on on your existing scientific knowledge and practical skills, to equip you for a career in academia or industry.

Top 20 for Ecology in the world

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MSc Biodiversity and Conservation

Develop fundamental knowledge about today’s major conservation issues and their human and environmental drivers including marine plastics, urbanisation, tropical logging and the balance between sustainable food production and biodiversity with our MSc Biodiversity and Conservation course.

MSc Biological Sciences

Train in the breadth and depth of whole-organism biology. Choose to develop a wide range of knowledge across the discipline, or specialise within one of three major areas: Evolutionary Biology, Plant and Crop Science, or Biodiversity and Conservation.

MRes Ecology and Environment

Further our understanding of how we maintain ecosystems in the face of environmental change with our uniquely research-focussed MRes Ecology and Environment course.

MRes Evolution and Behaviour

Work alongside students and staff who are at the forefront of research into how organisms have evolved and how they behave with our MRes Evolution and Behaviour course.

MRes Plant and Microbial Biology

Research plants and microbes from every angle in our P3 centre of excellence for translational plant science or spend six months on an industrial placement with our MRes Plant and Microbial Biology course.

MSc Practical Entomology

The MSc Practical Entomology course focuses on equipping you with in-depth and hands-on experience of the specialist entomological techniques and practices that underpin the study of insects.

MSc Sustainable Agricultural Technologies

The MSc Sustainable Agricultural Technologies programme is designed to equip you with the knowledge needed to understand the challenges of sustainable agriculture, and the skills to pursue an exciting career in the agronomy sector.

MSc Science Communication

This exciting MSc course is taught by world-leading scientists and media practitioners in the fields of science communication and journalism. Our internationally recognised expertise coupled with teaching staff with extensive professional experience in Fleet Street and the BBC, will provide you with unparalleled support.