Ge Zhang

Degree: MRes Ecology and Environment

Ge Zhang

Ge came to Sheffield from China to study for her MRes Ecology and Environment degree. With her supervisor’s support, Ge is hoping this research experience will help her to progress onto a PhD.

“As an international student, the University of Sheffield is a good choice for me because of its research reputation and distinguished teaching quality. As an MRes student, this course provides me with an opportunity to enhance my own research skills through excellent training in one just year.

“There are lots of different seminars for us to select depending on our interests. It’s a good chance to learn more about science, not only the part I’m focussing on but also other areas like citizen science. During my MRes, I have learnt many new skills like light sheet fluorescence microscopy, a new technology that can produce an amazing picture.

“My research is exploring the various spermathecae of the female Tenebrio Molitor (mealworm) with the support of my very helpful and friendly supervisor and all the great people in my lab. These people make me love research even more so that I’m willing to devote more time to biology and trying to study for a PhD.”