Top 10 Reasons to Study Here

1. Top-rated Research and Teaching:

2.  The Masters in Biological Science (MBiolSci): 4-year degree featuring 1:1 interaction with world leading research staff to develop career skills appropriate for professional research or policy, government, etc., where understanding research is critical.

  • Flexibility to change back to BSc if you choose to do so
  • Exceptional MBiolSci student performance: ~50% graduate with 1st class degree.

3. No risk, double offer for the MBiolSci: If you make Sheffield your firm choice, we guarantee acceptance onto the BSc equivalent should you not make AAA, and still make AAB. You need not do anything about this as we take care of the course change at confirmation time. 

4.  In the 2011 National Student Survey we rank 4th overall with very good feedback on teaching and 98% student satisfaction.

5.  Exceptionally well qualified students: >40% enter with AAA or more; our mean tariff points score is 450 (2010).

6.  Excellent student support via tutorials offering small group learning and personal development. Drop-out rate consistently less than 3%.

7.  Excellent Prospects: more than 80% employed or in further postgraduate study.

8.  A staff of world-leading research scientists at the forefront of Biology with expertise ranging from genomes and micro-organisms to behaviour, disease and global change. We provide opportunities for students to work in 1:1 partnership with us in ongoing research – both in laboratory and field studies.

9.  A friendly, caring department in which students are academically challenged and properly supported.

10.  Excellent facilities at the University and in the city of Sheffield with high quality, value for money living - the Royal Bank of Scotland ranks Sheffield as one of the most affordable cities in the UK.