Our impact

Our research impacts span five themes. On these pages you can read case studies about the difference our research makes.

FoodAchieving food security

We are working to increase our understanding of fundamental processes, utilising advanced molecular techniques including molecular genetics, metabolomics, fluorescent imaging and gas exchange analysis.

ConservationConservation of biodiversity and ecosystem services

Our research is generating understanding of how ecosystems can be managed for the provision of beneficial ecosystem services, and how environmental change may affect the biodiversity on which they depend.

PestsManaging pests and disease

Fundamental research into the physiology, behaviour and evolution of pests and diseases is increasing our understanding of their emergence and persistence, with important applications in agriculture and conservation.

Natural resourcesReducing the impact of resource extraction

We are generating knowledge about how to manage natural resources responsibly and sustainably. Research includes sustainable logging in the tropics, biomass substitutes for fossil fuels, pollution in freshwater ecosystems and microfossil analysis.

EnvironmentalUnderstanding environmental change

Understanding environmental change is a key aim for a number of staff across research groups. Activities cover terrestrial, freshwater and marine ecosystems, using a wide range of scientific approaches.