Evolution and behaviour

The focus of this research group is on the evolutionary, genetic and functional bases of behaviour, adaptation and speciation. Research topics include sexual selection and sexual conflict, ecological immunity, cooperative behaviour, evolutionary genomics of adaptation and evolutionary developmental biology. Study systems range from humans, birds and fish to insects and snails. The group hosts the Sheffield node of the NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility.



trb research image

Prof. Tim Birkhead

  • Behavioural ecology of birds
  • Sperm competition and cryptic female choice
  • Population biology of marine birds
Burke Research

Prof. Terry Burke

  • Molecular and genomic methods in evolution and ecology
  • Sexual selection and mating systems in vertebrates
  • Population genetics of natural populations
Butlin Research

Prof. Roger Butlin

  • Speciation
  • The paradox of sex
  • Evolution at range margins
H Dugdale research image

Dr Hannah Dugdale

  • Evolution of social behaviour
  • Senescence in wild populations
  • Sexual selection and mate choice
E Elhaik research image

Dr Eran Elhaik

  • Modelling in population genetics and paleo genomics
  • Molecular evolution, genomics, and epigenetics
  • Etiology of complex mental disorders
G Fraser research image

Dr Gareth Fraser

  • Evolution and development of jaws and teeth
  • Evolutionary history of vertebrate innovations
  • Genetic basis of morphological diversity
Toni Gossmann research image

Dr Toni Gossmann

  • Evolution of recombination
  • Imprints of natural selection in the genome
  • Vitamin B3/NAD metabolism
Hatchwell Research

Prof. Ben Hatchwell

  • Social evolution and vertebrate cooperative breeding systems
  • Parental investment strategies
  • Avian population ecology
J Marshall research image

Prof. James Marshall

  • Social evolution
  • Animal decision-making
  • Mathematical modelling
Nicola Nadeau research image

Dr Nicola Nadeau

  • The evolution and genetics of colour and pattern variation
  • The genetic and developmental control of structural colour in animals
  • The process of divergence and speciation within the genome
  • The genetic analysis of natural hybrid zones to identify loci under selection
P Nosil research image

Dr Patrik Nosil

  • Mechanisms of species formation
  • Genome evolution
  • Eco-evolutionary dynamics
M Simmons Research Image

Dr Mirre Simons

  • Evolution and mechanisms of ageing
  • Genetics of dietary restriction: why eating less extends lifespan
  • Demograpgy of mortality: to reveal the elusive physiology of ageing
Michael Siva Jothy Research

Prof. Michael Siva-Jothy

  • Ecological immunity
  • Sexual conflict
  • Reproductive immunity
Jon Slate Research

Prof. Jon Slate

  • The genetic basis of individual fitness variation
  • Detecting the footprint of natural selection by genome sequence analysis
  • Gene mapping in wild and domestic populations
Rhonda Snook Research

Dr Rhonda Snook

  • Mechanisms and processes of sexual selection
  • Sperm form and function
  • Reproductive isolation and speciation
Penny Watt Research

Dr Penny Watt

  • Mate choice and sexual selection in aquatic animals
  • The role of olfactory cues in mate choice in fish
  • The genetic basis of mate choice in fish

Dr Kai Zeng

  • Modelling in population genetics
  • Molecular evolution and variation
  • Analysis of DNA sequence data