Dr Sophie Evison

Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 4372
Email: s.evison@sheffield.ac.uk
Webpage: www.researchgate.net/profile/Sophie_Evison/publications
Principle Investigator: Professor Mike Siva-Jothy


2014-present Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Sheffield
2012-2014 Teaching and Research Fellow, University of Leeds
2011-2012 Post-doctoral Research Fellow, University of Leeds
2009-2010 Fyssen Fellow, University of Paris
2008-2009 Post-doctoral Research Assistant, University of Leeds
2005-2008 PhD, University of Sheffield
2004-2005 MSc, Imperial College London
2001-2004 BSc, University of Birmingham

Research Interests

I am an evolutionary biologist and I use social insect models to investigate a variety of aspects of evolution. My primary interests include host-parasite interactions, communication and insect physiology, but more specifically my primary projects include the following:

  1. My current work is within the Siva-Jothy lab (e3.group.shef.ac.uk) investigating the role of endosymbionts in insect immune responses, using the common bedbug as a model.
  2. I am continuing to investigate how honey bees interact with a specific fungal brood parasite that causes the disease 'Chalkbrood'. Here I am primarily interested in the impact of genetic diversity in both host and parasite and how this influences their interactions.
  3. I am collaborating with Prof. Dianne Ford at the University of Newcastle on a project aimed at understanding how diet influences behaviour and longevity in ants through epigenetic mechanisms.