Dr Heather Walker

Telephone: +44 (0)114 222 0049
Email: h.j.walker@sheffield.ac.uk
Biomics Facility: www.sheffield.ac.uk/biomics
APS Research Facilities: www.sheffield.ac.uk/aps/about/res-facilities


Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager, Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield (2015–present)
PhD 'Direct Approaches to Metabolite Profiling by Mass Spectrometry', Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield (2014)
Senior Research Technician, Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield (2003-2014)
Mass Spectrometry Demo Chemist, Waters UK, Manchester (1999-2003)
Chemical Analyst, Sheffield Hallam University (1994-1999)
MSc Chemistry, UMIST, Manchester (1994)
BSc (Hons) Chemistry, UMIST, Manchester (1991)


Professor Mike Burrell
Professor Duncan Cameron
Professor Jurriaan Ton
Professor Hilary Powers

Research Interests

I am an analytical biochemist with over 20 years’ experience in Mass Spectrometry. For more than 10 years I have specialised in using Mass Spectrometry for metabolomics studies in particular on plant material. I collaborate on very different research projects, including fruit yield and quality in tomato, metabolic profiling, imaging metabolism in wheat and metabolic imaging of the primed immune response to plants.

My other work includes metabolite studies in cervical and breast cancer cell lines in collaboration with the University of Sheffield Medical School.


Walker H, Burrell M, Flatley J & Powers H (2017) A metabolite profiling method for diagnosis of pre-cancerous cervical lesions and HPV persistence. Bioanalysis.

Walker HJ, Steels C, Bendell L, Clench MR, Read DJ, Cameron DD and Burrell MM (2016) Understanding metabolism of arginine in biological systems via MALDI imaging. Proteomics 16: 1690–4.

Lake JA, Walker HJ, Cameron DD & Lomax BH (2016) A novel root-to-shoot stomatal response to very high CO2 levels in the soil: electrical, hydraulic and biochemical signalling. Physiologia Plantarum 159(4): 433-44.

Chater C, Peng K, Movahedi M, Dunn JA, Walker HJ, Liang Y-K, McLachlan DH, Casson S, Isner JC, Wilson I, Neill SJ, Hedrich R, Gray JE & Hetherington AM (2015) Elevated CO2-induced responses in stomata require ABA and ABA signalling. Current Biology 25(20): 2709–16

Walker H (2011) Metabolite profiling of plant tissues by electrospray mass spectrometry. In: De Bruijn FJ (ed) Handbook of Microbial Ecology I – Metagenomics and Complementary Approaches. Wiley-Blackwell, Chapter 73.

Duckett CJ, Lindon JC, Walker H, Abou-Shakra F, Wilson D & Nicholson JK (2006) Metabolism of 3-chloro-4-fluoroaniline in rat using [14C]-radiolabelling, 19F-NMR spectroscopy, HPLC-MS/MS, HPLC-ICPMS and HPLC-NMR. Xenobiotica 36(1): 59–77.

Overy SA, Walker HJ, Malone S, Howard TP, Baxter CJ, Sweetlove LJ, Hill SA & Quick WP (2005) Application of metabolite profiling to the identification of traits in a population of tomato introgression lines. Journal of Experimental Botany 56(410): 287-96.