Dr Eran Elhaik

Dr Eran Elhaik

Tel: +44 (0) 114 222 2704

email: e.elhaik@sheffield.ac.uk

Room B112, Firth Court, Bioinformatics Hub

Lab website: www.eranelhaiklab.org


  • BSc (1999) Israel, Open University (double major in Computer Science and Business)
  • PhD (2009) Texas, University of Houston
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2009-2011) Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, School of Medicine
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2011-2013) Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health
  • Research Associate (2013-2013) Maryland, Johns Hopkins University, School of Public Health
  • Lecturer (2014-present) University of Sheffield

Professional Activities

  • Topic Editor for Frontiers in GENETICS

Research Interests

Dr Eran Elhaik research

My research centres on identifying and addressing BIG QUESTIONS in biology from multiple fields such as:

  • Complex disorders, particularly mental health disorders
  • Population genetics (biogeography, population structure, DNA reconstruction)
  • Personalised medicine (prescribing medicine based on biogeography)
  • Molecular evolution (molecular clocks, evolution rates)
  • Genomics (genome evolution, phylogeny)
  • Paleo-genomics (Adam Y chromosome, ancient genomes)
  • Epigenetics (methylation, gene expression, regulation)

My research is multidisciplinary and requires computational and statistical skills alongside epidemiological and mathematical skills. For example, in Elhaik (2013a) I designed a dedicated microarray for genetic genealogy, in Elhaik (2013b) I showed that the origin of European Jews is from the Khazars, in Elhaik (2014a) I dated the most ancient human Y chromosome known as "Adam" Y chromosome, and in Elhaik (2014b) I developed the GPS tool that uses DNA to predict geographical origin of populations with an extreme accuracy.

Current research topics include:

  • Identifying the environmental causes of autism and developing therapeutic methods
  • Identifying the "Missing Link" between human and ape
  • Predicting the geographical origins of ancient populations
  • Developing applications for personalised medicine and stem cell therapy


I teach on the following modules:

  • APS135 Skills for Biologists 1 (L1)
  • APS 222 Animal and Plant Tutorials (L2)
  • APS331 Dissertation (L3)
  • APS344, Topics in Evolutionary Genetics (L3)
  • APS351, Human Evolutionary Genetics (L3)
  • MEDT32/33, Bioinformatics & Interpretation in Genomics (MSc in Genomic Medicine)

I have completed my CiLT2 certificate.

I was nominated to the Sheffield Students' Union Academic Award 2016 for Best Personal Tutor.