Professor Paul Quick - Past Group, Student and Research Members

Past PhD students

Emma Schofield BBSRC CASE Award.
"The regulation of carbohydrate partitioning by sucrose synthase and sucrose phosphate synthase in transgenic potato plants" (1993-1996)

Elizabeth Barker Earmarked BBSRC studentship.
"The influence of the achlorpphyllous parasite (Orobanche crenata) on its tomato host" (1993-1996), joint with Professor Scholes and Professor Press.

Jules Wynn Alfred Denny Scholarship.
"The influence of elevated CO2 on the photosynthetic carbohydrate metabolism of a range of native British plant species" (1993-1996), joint with Professor Scholes.

Valerie Gregains, BBSRC CASE Award.
"The role of free radicals and oxidative damage during seed storage of recalcitrant species." (1996-1999)

Nasir Uddin, Pakistan Goverment.
The integration of sucrose and fructan metabolism in Barley (1995-1998), joint with Dr S.A. Rolfe.

Charles Baxter BBSRC CASE Award.
Genetic manipulation of source-sink intereactions. (1997-2000).

Xiaoyan Jiao - ORS and Chinese Goverment.
"The effects of Boron on plant growth and development." (1997-2001). Joint with Dr B.C. Jarvis.

Catherine Castleden, BBSRC CASE Award.
Genetic manipulation of sucrose phosphate synthase in wheat. (1998-2001).

Ivan Ramirez-Ramirez, Mexican Government.
Genetic manipulation of carbohydrate partitioning in Arabidopsis. (2002-2003)

Maxime Caillau, BBSRC Industrial CASE Award.
Carbohydrate metabolism in developing tomato fruits. (1999-2002).

Thomas Howard, BBSRC Industrial CASE Award.
Genetic modification of sucrose degradation in potato. (1999-2002).

Gaber Abogadallah, Egyptian Government.
The role of compatible solutes as osmo-protectants in xerophytic plants. (1999-2002)

Johanna Gascoigne-Owens, BBSRC.
Developmental and environmental control of the C4phenotype in maize. (2000-2003).

Simon Snowden, BBSRC.
Elevated CO2 effects on plants with C4 and intermediate C3-C4 photosynthetic metabolism. (1999-2002) Joint with Prof. M.C. Press.

Sachiko Shimizu, ORS and Japanese Government.
The role of sucrose transporters in the translocation of sucrose in tomato; a genetic approach. (1999-2002).

Kelly Pescod, White Rose.
Influence of phloem sap composition on the behaviour of Aphids, (2000-2003). Joint with Angela Douglas (York).

Ben Fletcher
University Scholarship, Atmospheric O2 and CO2 effects on primitive plants. (2002-2005) Joint with Prof. Beerling.

Tom Wells
BBSRC-CASE, (Industrial Partner Advanced Technologiies Cambridge) The role of transaldolases in plants, (2002-2005).

Hasimah Alimon
Malaysian Givernment, Secondary metabolism in Arabidopsis seeds. (2002-2005). Joint with Prof. Leegood.

Past Research Members

Jamie MacGloughlan
Genetic manipulation of sucrose synthesis in Arabidopsis (BBSRC)

Julian Hibberd
The effect of parasitic plants on host source sink interactions (BBSRC)

Rhu Alred
The role of Rubisco in plants. The control of photosynthesis by Sedeheptulose 1,7 bisphosphatase (BBSRC)

Mike Adcock
The modification of source/sink metabolism in potato by elevated CO2. (BBSRC)

Natalie Galtier
Modification of sucrose metabolism in Tomato. (EU)

Alex Rose-Deacon
Role of CP12 in Plants (BBSRC)

Dr Dave Johnson
Carbon flow through mycorrhizal mycelial systems to soil microbial populations- the impact of micro-arthropod diversity (NERC).Dr Dave Johnson Carbon flow through mycorrhizal mycelial systems to soil microbial populations- the impact of micro-arthropod diversity (NERC).

Hazel Nichols
The role of CP12 proteins in plants. (BBSRC)

Emily Boys
Systematic signalling of environment signals (BBSRC)