Dr Ken Thompson

Dr Ken Thompson

Tel: +44 (0)114 267 1554

email : ken.thompson@Sheffield.ac.uk


BSc (1974) University of Leicester; PhD (1977) University of Sheffield
Temporary Lecturer in Botany, University of Durham (1977-79)
Lecturer II and Senior Lecturer in Ecology, Plymouth Polytechnic (now University of Plymouth) (1979-90)
Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow, UCPE (NERC), University of Sheffield (1990-1998)
Director, Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory, University of Sheffield (1998-2002)
Senior Research Fellow and Honorary Senior Lecturer, Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield, 2002 -

Key Research Interests

image of dandelion

The ecology of seeds, plant traits and functional types, biodiversity and ecosystem function, biological invasions, urban ecology, commonness and rarity, changing climate and land use, the ecology of gardens.

Professional Activities

Founder member, trustee and treasurer of International Society for Seed Science

Editor: Seed Science Research, Functional Ecology

Keynote speaker atSeed Ecology II, Perth Australia, September 2007.

Invited speaker at RHS forum What future for urban gardens: Eden or Extinction?, Royal Festival Hall, London, 8 November 2006.

Invited speaker at International Botanical Congress, Vienna, July 2005

Keynote speaker at 8th International Workshop on Seeds, Brisbane, Australia, May 2005

Plenary lecture to German Ecological Society (GfÖ), Giessen, September 2004

Current Research Students

Lindsay C. Maskell
Vegetation dynamics, community processes and plant traits
Funding: CEH

Sofia Basto
Soil seed banks and ecological restoration
funding: EU ALBAN scholarship and Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia

Chris Bennett
Plant functional diversity and ecosystem properties: a contribution from the Park Grass Experiment.
Funding: BBSRC

Recent Publications (2001 to date)

A.  Jalili, Z. Jamzad, K. Thompson, S. Ashrafi, M. Hasaninejad, P. Panahi, M. K. Araghi, N. Hooshang, R. Azadi, M. S. Tavakol, M. Palizdar, A. Rahmanpour, F.; Farghadan, S. G. Mirhossaini and .  Parvaneh (2010) Climate change, unpredictable cold waves and possible brakes on plant migration. Global Ecology and Biogeography (in press)

Thompson, K, Petchey, O. L., Askew, A. P., Dunnett, N. P., Beckerman, A. P. & Willis, A. J. (2010) Little evidence for limiting similarity in a long-term study of a roadside plant community. Journal of Ecology (in press)

Stevens, C.J., Thompson, K., Grime, J.P., Long, C.J. and Gowing, D.J.G (2010) Acidification as opposed to eutrophication is the main cause of declines in species richness seen in calcifuge grasslands impacted by nitrogen deposition. Functional Ecology (in press)

Maskell, L. C., Smart, S. M., Bullock, J. M., Thompson, K., Stevens, C. Nitrogen deposition causes widespread loss of species richness
in British habitats. Global Change Biology (in press)

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Popular writing

Thompson, K. (2009) The Book of Weeds. Dorling Kindersley, London.

Thompson, K. (2008). Introduction to Field Guide To Garden Wildlife. British Wildlife Publishing, Gillingham, Dorset, UK.

Thompson, K. (2008) An Ear to The Ground: Understanding Your Garden (revised and expanded paperback). Eden Project Books (a division of Transworld Publishers), London.

Thompson, K. (Jan-June 2008) Six features for The Garden on the theme of The garden as an ecosystem.

Monthly column in Organic Gardening magazine (2001-2007).

Gaston K.J., Cush P., Ferguson S., Frost P., Gaston S., Knight D., Loram A., Smith R.M., Thompson K. and Warren P.H. (2007). Improving the contribution of urban gardens for wildlife: some guiding propositions. British Wildlife, 18, 171-177.

Thompson, K. (2007) What makes a wildlife garden? BBC Gardeners´ World Magazine, March 2007.

Thompson, K. (2007) Compost. Dorling Kindersley, London.

Thompson, K. (2006) Cashing in on the birds and the bees. The Garden, 131, 356-357.

Thompson, K. (2006) No Nettles Required: the Reassuring Truth about Wildlife Gardening. Eden Project Books (a division of Transworld Publishers), London (paperback published 2007).

Gaston, K J, Smith, R M, Thompson, K and Warren, P H. (2004) Gardens and wildlife – the BUGS project. British Wildlife, 16, 1-10.


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