Postdoctoral and research staff

To call staff on this list from outside the UK, use the code +44 114 22 followed by the person's number.

To call staff on this list from within the UK, use the code 0114 22 followed by the person's number.

Name Extension Email address
Nicola Austen -
Despina Berdeni -
Susannah Bird -
Dr Laura Carrilero -
Dr Mamadou Cissoko 20062
Anne Cotton 20072
Dr Deborah Dawson 20106
Luke Dunning 20034/20084
Felicity Edwards
Dimitar Epihov -
Isobel Eyres 20113
Rob Goodsell -
Gavin Horsburgh 20107
Euripides Kantzas 20093
Anastasia Kottara -
Dr Ben Keane -
Kang-Wook Kim 20113
Mark Lomas 20093
Kathryn Maher -
Simon Mills -
Juan Mujica Alarcon -
Jill Olofsson 20037
Joe Quirk 20093
Dr Binoy Sarkar -
Dr James Savage -
Roland Schwarzenbacher 20072
Benno Simmons -
Jen Sloan -
Dr Sean Stankowski 20113
Lyla Taylor 20093
Dr Maria Val Martin 24623
Dr Peter Wade 24623

Doctoral researchers (PhD)


Email address

Supervisor's page

Mohammad Nazrin Abdul Malik RF/JDS/DE
Wafa Abudayah PJW/TAB
ChristopherAhuchaogu MSJ
Ileana Arce Acosta DE
Simran Aujla DZC
Nada Badruddin APB/KLE/MSJ
Emma Bailey DJB/JT
Hayley Bannister TJW
Charlotte Bartleet-Cross TAB
Henry Barton KZ/JS
James Bradley JDS
Melanie Brien NN
RĂ³nan Byrne RF
Sarah Carroll AJF/JG
Fokion Chatziavgerinos SAR/JT
Pragya Chaube RKB
Angela-Maria Chira GT
Rory Cooper GJF
Cindy Cosset DE
Naomi Cox AJF
Bowy den Braber KLE
Miriam Dobson PHW
Cecilie Dyngeland KLE
Lee Eales DDC
Kirsty Elliott JRL
Dimitar Epihov DJB
Roberta Fabrizi JT
Clarissa Ferreira de Carvalho PN
Martin Garlovsky RRS
Martha Gibson CHW
Robert Goodsell RF/DZC
Erika Hansson APB/DZC
Owen Hayman DJB/JDS/JRL
Yichen He GT
Eleanor Healicon AJF
Caitlin Higgott BJH/KLE
Bethany Holland CPO
Emma Hughes GT/DE
Duncan Jackson TRB
John Jackson VL
Tamora James APB
Emma John TW
Alun Jones TW
Michael Kelland DJB
James Lambert RF/DZC
Jenny Larsson RKB
Amy Leedale BJH
Felix Lim DE
Joseph Llanos PJW/JRL
Manoela Machado DE
Michael Massam DE
Magdalena Matysek DZC/JRL
Andrew McCracken MS
Simon Mills KLE
Vian Mohammad CPO
Lamiaa Munshi PAC/CPO
Safirun Pervin DDC/TJD
James Ord PJW
Nat Phon-Or JDS
Kassandra Reuss-Schmidt DZ/GKP
Olivia Richardson PHW
Simon Rolph RSG/RF/DZC
Noraini Ruslan LLM
Shlair Sadeq APB
Diogo Santos VL
Vicki Senior KLE
Hannah Sewell DJB
Aaron Sibma TAB
Sarah Sommer SAR
Megan Sorensen MAB
Cagla Stevenson MAB
Joanne Stonehouse JS
Alexandre Thiery GJF
Marion Tout AJF/MB
Rachael Treharne GKP
Teera Watcharamongkol CPO/PAC
Samuel Wilkinson JT
Matthew Wilson AJF
Caroline Wood JDS