Postdoctoral and research staff

To call staff on this list from outside the UK, use the code +44 114 22 followed by the person's number.

To call staff on this list from within the UK, use the code 0114 22 followed by the person's number.

Name Extension Email address
Brian Andres 20086
Susannah Bird -
Dr Mamadou Cissoko 20062
Anne Cotton 20072
Dr Deborah Dawson 20106
Felicity Edwards
Dimitar Epihov -
Isobel Eyres 20113
Jaime Gomez-Bolivar 24772
Rob Goodsell -
Dr Gavin Horsburgh 20107
Euripides Kantzas 20093
Dr Ben Keane -
Eva Koch 20116
Mark Lomas 20093
Dr Kathryn Maher 24718
Michael Massam -
Simon Mills -
Juan Mujica Alarcon -
Joe Quirk 20093
Pedro Rocha
Roland Schwarzenbacher 20072
Jen Sloan -
Dr Maria Val Martin 24623
Dr Peter Wade 24623

Doctoral Researchers (PhD)


Email address

Supervisor's page

Mohammad Hafidz Abdullah DPE
Wafa Abudayah PJW
Abdulkareem Ahmed DPE
Ateah Alfakih PJW
Amal Ashour DDC
Katherine Assersohn NH
Simran Aujla DZC
Frane Babarovic GT
Alexander Ball CW
Alex Bardill MS
Charlotte Bartleet-Cross TAB
Kathryn Billane MB
RĂ³nan Byrne RF
Patrick Cannon RF
Sarah Carroll AJF
Alexander Charles MS
Cindy Cosset DPE
Naomi Cox AJF
Marta Crispo JE
Francesca Dawson Pell BJH
Miriam Dobson PHW
Lee Eales DDC
Kirsty Elliott JRL
Emilie Ellis JE
Juan Enciso Romero NN
Roberta Fabrizi JT
Catherine Finlayson RF
Luke Fountain TJD
Sarah Gautrey MS
Martha Gibson CHW
Thomas Grand AJF
Rachel Greenhill JDS
Emily Guest JRL
Boglarka Gulyas JE
Chay Halliwell BJH
Erika Hansson APB
Yichen He GT
Katherine Hearn RKB
Samuel Hibdige PAC
Emma Hughes GT
Saranrat Im-Chai AJF
Tamora James APB
Emma John TJW
Kanyanat Kasetsuntorn CPO
Michael Kelland DJB
Leah Kelly KLE
Abdulssalam Khafsha GKP
Jenny Larsson RKB
Amy Lewis
Thomas Lewis DZC
Ruoyu Liang LLM
Felix Lim DPE
Joseph Llanos PJW
Victoria LLoyd NN
Suma Mani CPO
Mary Eliza EH
Michael Massam DPE
Andrew McCracken MS
Shauni McGregor AJF
Vian Mohammad CPO
Fay Morland NH
Oscar Morton DPE
Lamiaa Munshi PAC
Nancy Muringai SAR
Tien Nguyen NN
Elizabeth Oladapo CAV
Elizabeth Parker DDC
Mohammad Patwary TJD
Jake Pepper JS
Safirun Pervin DDC
Nat Phon-Or JDS
Loreto Andrea Pino Chandia TJW
James Pitman AJF
Francesca Quell TJW
David Rapley
Kassandra Reuss-Schmidt GKP
Olivia Richardson PHW
Thea Rogers AEW
Simon Rolph DZC
Louie Rombaut
Bong Salazar CPO
Dharma Sapkota
Donald Scott
Yixiang Shan
Aaron Sibma TAB
Thomas Sinclair LLM
Emma Smith JT
Joanne Stonehouse JS
Mark Sutherland JS
Jocelyne Sze DPE
Chia-Nan Tao JT
Christopher Taylor
Phakhawat Thaweepworadej
Jasmine Wakefield GKP
Maria Wang Mei Hua
Grace Wardell
Nathan White
Samuel Wilkinson JT
Lucy Winder
Mustafa Yassin