Professional services staff

To call staff on this list from outside the UK, use the code +44 114 22 followed by the person's number.

To call staff on this list from within the UK, use the code 0114 22 followed by the person's number.


Name Extension Email address Role
Claire Taylor 24373 Departmental Manager

Departmental administrative office staff

Name Extension Email address Role
Jennie Stevens 24376 Office Team Leader
Jacqueline Beasley 24729 Administration Assistant (P3 and Exams)
Andrew Burch 24774 Administrative Assistant (PGT)
Maddie Couzner 24773 HR Administrator and PA to Head of Department
Angela Doncaster 20067 PGR and Level 4 Support Officer
Linda Dulley 20056 Administrative Assistant
Angela Hoare 20054 ACCE Doctoral Training Administrator
Louise McCrickard 20047 Deputy Office Team Leader / Undergraduate Student Matters
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Other administrative staff

Name Extension Email address Role
Helen Davies 24374

Senior Finance Administrator (Research) E floor Addison Building

Debbie Hill 20090 LC3M Support Officer, PA to Professor David Beerling
Lisa Knight 20078 Assistant Faculty Finance Manager (APS), E Floor Addison Building
Celine Pagnier 24314 Secretary NBAF, PA to Professor Terry Burke
Chris Rawlinson - (D226) Project Administrator (Paramo) for Professor David Edwards

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Technical staff

Name Extension Email address Role
Karen Bailey 20093 Research Technician
Marion Bauch 20098 Research Technician
Sarah Biddiscombe 20064 Research Technician
Allison Blake 20044 Senior Technician
Timo Blake 25075 Controlled Environment/ Facilities Manager
Penelope Blyth 24372 Research Technician
David Bodman 23629 Research Technician
Andrew Brooks 20135 Teaching Technician
Graciela Sotelo Fernandez - Research Technician
Stephen Fletcher 24713 Senior Electronics/Electrical
Samuel Ford - Research Technician
Lynsey Gregory 24826/24377 Research Technician
Laura Hartshorne - Research Technician
Anthony Hodder 30109 Autoclave Facility
David Johnson 20095 Senior Research Technician
Irene Johnson 24771 Senior Research Technician
Hannah Jones - Research Technician
Maggi Killion 20042/20142 AWEC Site Manager
Andy Krupa 20003 Teaching Technical Manager
Vanja Milenkovic - Research Technician
Katie Muddiman 20051 Research Technician
Rita Nielsen - AWEC Technician
Gemma Newsome 20098 Research Technician
Greg Nicholson 24726/24720 Senior C E Technician
Ben Palmer 24726 Electrical Controls Technician
David Pardo - Research Technician
Paul Parsons - Research Technician
Joseph Price - Research Technician
Sara Pruzina 20013 Research Technician
Heather Rigg 20431 Teaching Technician
Laura Ruder - Research Technician
Matthew Smith 24710 General Maintenance & Workshop Technician
Jamie Thompson 20061/24828 Research Technician
Rachel Tucker 20115 Senior Research Technician
Anthony Turner - Field Assistant Technician
Stephen Turner 24720 Trainee C E Technician
Agnieszka Urbanek - Research Technician
Heather Walker 20098/20033 Mass Spectrometry Facility Manager
Christopher Weston 20134 Trainee Teaching Labortories Technician
Nichola White 20042/20058 Research Technician
Zuzanna Zagrodzka 20107 Research Technician
Peijun Zhang Research Technician

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