Dr Millie Mockford

Millie Mockford

Tel: +44 (0)114 222 0132

Email: e.j.mockford@sheffield.ac.uk

Room D218, Alfred Denny Building


MBiol, Undergraduate Masters of Biology, University of Bath (2007)

PhD, Aberystwyth University (2007-2011)

Research Technician, Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield (2011-2013)

Teaching Associate, Animal and Plant Sciences, University of Sheffield (2012-present)


Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy Award 2017

Society of Experimental Biology, Irene Manton Poster Prize 2015 (Education and Public Affairs Section)

Animal and Plant Sciences Teacher of the Year 2014

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour Royal Society Prize for Best Student Presentation 2009

Key Interests

My key focus lies in ecology and evolution. My previous research as investigated the differences in bird song between urban and rural areas, the effect it has on the efficiency of their communication system and the implication this can have on the population as a whole. My teaching covers behavioural ecology and evolutionary effects down to the genetic level. I am also very interested in bridging the gap between science, communication and embedding enterprise skills into our curriculum and have set up the level 2 module Talking the Talk which addresses this.


I currently teach on the following modules:

  • APS122 - Biodiversity
  • APS134 - Genes, Cells and Populations
  • APS220 - Evolutionary Biology
  • APS206 - Animal Diversity
  • APS273 - Population and Community Ecology 2
  • APS274 - The Molecular Revolution in Biology
  • APS279 - Talking the Talk: Getting Science on Film
  • APS344 - Topics in Evolutionary Genetics
  • APS350 - Marine Ecology Field Course


Atkinson, R.R., Mockford, E.J., Bennett, C., Christin, P.A., Spriggs, E.L., Freckleton, R.P., Thompson, K., Rees, M. & Osborne, C.P. (2016) C4 photosynthesis boosts growth by altering physiology, allocation and size, Nature Plants 2: 16038

Mockford, E.J., Marshall, R.C. and Dabelsteen, T. (2011) Degradation of rural and urban great tit song: testing transmission efficiency. Plos One, 6(12): e28242

Mockford, E.J. and Marshall, R.C. (2009) Effects of urban noise on song and response behaviour in great tits. Proc R Soc B  276 (1699): 2979-85