Annual Reflection

Annual Reflection on learning and teaching is one of the ways in which the University assures the quality of taught programmes and the student experience. It is a key mechanism for assuring the University’s Senate about the quality of taught programmes of study.

What is ‘Annual Reflection’?

Each year, academic departments are asked to review and evaluate the effectiveness of their teaching portfolio and the quality of their students’ experience. Their findings, along with details of strengths and areas for improvement are then written up by the department into an Annual Reflection Report.

Each Faculty’s Annual Reflection report is agreed by their respective Learning and Teaching Committee. The activity is evidence-led and ensures reflection on the quality and delivery of undergraduate and postgraduate taught programmes. A separate process runs simultaneously for postgraduate research programmes.

Key performance indicators

As part of Annual Reflection, departments should consider the following Key Performance Indicators:

  • data on student progression;
  • student surveys;
  • module pass rates;
  • observations made by external examiners;
  • outcomes from recent professional and statutory body accreditations;
  • student employability data.

After Annual Reflection

Where areas of concern are identified, actions are agreed at Faculty level. Key findings from all departments in a Faculty are summarised in a report to the relevant Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee. Each faculty summary is then considered by the Quality and Scrutiny Committee and institutional themes and actions are identified and followed up.

 APSE support and related process timelines 

  • departmental report template containing supplementary guidance is available 
  • Completed responses from academic departments are to be submitted by Friday 23rd November, 2018.
  • APSE will assist in identifying matters for report from each faculty in collaboration with the FDLT and their team.
  • Faculty reports to QSC must be finalised by Thursday 20th December, 2018.
  • QSC will consider faculty reports on Wednesday 23rd January, 2019.

Department-specific resources

Contact and support

All related correspondence, including the submission of completed departmental reports, should, in the first instance, be forwarded to