Programme regulations and specifications

Programme regulations

Programme Regulations outline what is required of students for them to gain a degree on their specific programme.

Departments are responsible for updating their Programme Regulations and Programme Specifications on an annual basis. Information from Programme Regulations is uploaded to the Central Information System for online module registration.

Most Programme Regulations are managed using PROMS (Programme Online Management System).

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Essential corrections to 2020-21 programme regulations

Essential corrections to the 2020-21 regulations has now closed.

As part of the University's move to more consistent and accurate curriculum data, it is essential that changes are kept to an absolute minimum. Therefore, we can only accept corrections which result from unforeseen and unavoidable staffing changes that impact on programme structure. Please email your Academic Programmes and Quality contact with full details of any corrections required.

The email should include details for the relevant staff changes. Please do not access PROMS directly to make any changes. Departmental contacts are here

Programme specifications

It is important that all Programme Specifications be kept up to date and regularly checked for accuracy.

UK Higher Education Institutions are required to use Higher Education Classification of Subjects (HECoS) codes instead of JACS codes to identify the subject area of programmes and modules, and report on all programmes to HESA (Higher Education Statistics Agency). These codes are used for all programmes and modules at undergraduate, postgraduate taught and research level.

Further details of HECoS codes can be found here, including information on mapping JACS codes to HECoS codes.

Full list of Programme Specifications

Note: Please ONLY use files downloaded from the Programme Specifications pages to make updates and send to