The University of Sheffield International College (USIC)

Photo: Students at ReceptionThe University of Sheffield International College (USIC), located at the University, provides International Foundation Year and Pre-Masters pathway programmes leading to entry to University degree programmes. The Partnerships Quality Team supports the academic management of the partnership with USIC. The joint Academic Management Board, chaired by the Deputy Vice-President for Education, has oversight of the academic partnership arrangements.

The College is operated by Study Group, which has responsibility for academic standards and quality of the pathway programmes. Faculty and Departmental Link Tutors are appointed by the University to support the partnership with the College. USIC students are provided with access to a number of University facilities during their USIC programmes.

Information for University staff on learning and teaching arrangements including:

  • Faculty and Departmental Link Tutor roles and information
  • Curricula of USIC programmes
  • List of TUOS progression degrees and requirements and (how to make changes)
  • The Academic Management Board Terms of Reference and Membership

are available on the USIC Programmes Google Site, including a full list of Faculty and Departmental Link Tutors (only University staff with USIC responsibilities will have access). 

Contact the Partnerships Quality Team