Learning and Teaching Conference

An annual opportunity for academics from across the university to come together to explore, discuss and debate developments and practices that will enhance the student learning experience.

Thirteenth Annual Learning and Teaching Conference: 'Assessment and Feedback for Student Learning'

Tuesday 8 January 2019

The 2019 Learning and Teaching Conference will explore the ways in which assessment and feedback practices, processes and values can be designed and used to support student learning.

How we embed assessment and feedback into our programmes is essential to the student learning experience, as highlighted through evaluations from students themselves. Taking a Programme Level Approach can help to ensure that assessment is timely and that feedback informs future activities, in a way that also supports the wellbeing of both students and staff by reducing the potential for duplication and over-assessment.

This will be a key area of focus for the University over the coming months and this conference will provide a space for discussion around this important topic.

For further information, please contact Sarah Moore via ltconf@sheffield.ac.uk

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