Blackboard Checklists

First steps checklist

As part of the 2017 VLE Review, student feedback indicated ways in which Blackboard could be better used to ensure a more consistent and enhanced student experience. The First Steps Checklist reflects the template that has been applied to your course and has been developed based on feedback collated from students, combining good practice within the University of Sheffield and across the UK Higher Education sector. It is recommended that you use this checklist when developing your course.

The checklist has been reviewed and endorsed by the Students’ Union. The University recognises that teaching varies significantly across programmes and the checklist is not designed to change your delivery of teaching. Instead it focuses on addressing consistency and ultimately providing our students with a better experience. It is recognised that it may not always be appropriate to address all aspects of the list so where this is the case, please make sure you make the rationale clear to students.

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Next steps checklist

The Next Steps Checklist is designed to help teachers take their Blackboard courses beyond the basics of a good course, adding innovation and excellence to online teaching.

Unlike the First Steps Checklist, in which all points should be adhered to unless there is a clear reason not to, various points on the Next Steps may not be relevant to your individual discipline or teaching style, and therefore it should be seen as a list of considerations and ideas rather than a "to do" list.

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