File / Folder Permissions

You can control access to files that you have uploaded to your personal drive as well as files that have been uploaded to any sites that you are enrolled as an instructor. Normally, however, you wouldn't need to touch the permissions as they will track through from the module site.

You can give the following levels of access:

Read Allows the user to only see the material - they will not be able to edit it
Write Allows the user to to edit the item
Remove Allows the user to be able to remove and/or delete it
Manage Allows the user to do anything with the file that the owner can do

Setting permissions in the Content Collection

When you have uploaded the files you can then set the permissions. Click on the hand icon to open the permissions window.

Upload permissions for the content collection

You can then choose who you want to add by clicking on the relevant tab:

  • Specific users
  • Specific courses (that you are enrolled on)
  • People with certain roles within the university
  • External people.

Permission levels in Content Collection

You can then choose what access levels you want to assign, and click Submit