Why you can't see your Blackboard courses

There may be some instances where you can't yet see your Blackboard courses in your course list. These are some of the common reasons you may not see them.

Registration / re-registration not complete

Your membership of Blackboard courses is triggered once your registration or re-registration processes are completed. If you have not completed these, you will not yet be enrolled on the new term's Blackboard courses. If you think you may not have completed registration yet and have any questions, please see Registration for more details.

Please note registrations are run in Blackboard several times a day, and so it may take a few hours after registration to be reflected in Blackboard.

Adding and dropping modules

Sometimes when adding and dropping modules it can take a day or two for Blackboard to reflect these changes. If you have been waiting more than this time please get in touch as below for more advice.

Courses are not switched on

Tutors make courses available when they are ready, which may vary between courses. However in this case they should still show up in your course list, listed as 'Private'. Please get in touch with your tutors if you are unsure.

Your tutor doesn't use Blackboard

In a few instances, your tutor may not use Blackboard. Please get in touch with your tutor for clarification if you think this may be the case.

You have a new username

If you have a new username (e.g. if you've moved departments, moved from undergraduate to postgraduate degrees, or you had a username for an ELTC course and are now taking your full degree) you will need to log in under your current username to see your most recent courses.

If you do not think your problem is addressed above, or you are unsure and would like advice, then please contact digital.learning@sheffield.ac.uk.