Review status (student)

What is Review status?

Review status is a useful tool within your Blackboard course that allows you to indicate which content you have looked at and which you still need to review. There are benefits for both you and your tutor:

  • For you: It allows for you to keep track of what content you have and have not accessed throughout your learning journey on your module pages. This is important for you to ensure you are not going over content you have already revised for your assessments or exams, and maintain momentum with your learning journey.

  • For your tutor: This information is fed back to your tutors so that they can see your progress with your content, and offer support if it is required throughout your time on the module.

Instructors on the course can also choose to release content, such as formative quizzes or videos that are only released to you when you have marked content as reviewed. This ensures that you are not overloaded with content when you first log into your module page, and are fed content at intervals that suit you and your learning style.

How to use Review Status in your Blackboard courses

  1. On any Blackboard course, click into a content area in the left menu.

  2. Content that needs to be reviewed will have an option underneath that says Mark Reviewed.

  3. Once you have accessed the content and deem it as reviewed, click to change the status to Reviewed.

The Mark reviewed option under a content item

Review status under the content item is checked, indicated by the text Reviewed

  1. You will then be able to easily see what content you have worked on what content still needs to be completed.

Please note: You can still continue to access the content once you have marked it as reviewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mark content as reviewed, even if I haven’t accessed the content?

Yes, you are able to do this. However, the review status is there as a benefit for you and your learning, rather than being used to ‘check up’ on your progress by your tutor. It is a useful feature for you when you are completing assessments to see what content you have recapped already, so do ensure you use it in a way that is useful to you.

Is it required for me to mark content as reviewed?

This depends on your tutor, some tutors may wish for you to mark content as reviewed to release content that will only appear if you have reviewed other content. If your tutor has not added adaptive release content like that, then your tutor will let you know what they expect from the review status.

Will I get penalised if I do not mark content as reviewed?

This would be very unlikely to happen, however, you would need to confirm this by contacting your module tutor.

Why is the review button not on all of my content?

The review button can be added to some content and not other bits of content, this is up to your tutor and how they wish to set-up their module page.