Blackboard - Self and Peer Assessment

The Self and Peer Assessment tool enables the evaluation of students’ work by other students. It is designed to improve students’ critical-thinking, reflection and self-reflective skills. It encourages students to engage with the feedback they receive and can also help equip them better in dealing with constructive criticism.

This tool is split into two distinct sections, the submission period and the evaluation period. During the former students are required to provide answers to question/s that you set. These questions are inputted by means of the Blackboard text editor. During the latter period students will then review the answers to the questions provided using criteria that again, you set.

Self and peer evaluation options

  • Evaluation dates must be set to take place after submission dates.
  • Anonymous evaluation hides the names of the submitters and the evaluators.
  • Evaluation results can be shown optionally to the user who submitted the assessment, but if the evaluation is anonymous, submitters will not see evaluators' names.
  • Specify the number of submissions that each evaluator should evaluate.
  • Submissions will be distributed among evaluators, based on this number. Specify 0 submissions to evaluate if this assessment is only for self evaluation.

Creating a Self and Peer Assessment exercise

  1. Open your Blackboard course and either create a Content Area for your Assignment or choose an existing area.
  2. Check that Edit mode is ‘on’. You will find this in the top right-hand corner of your Course screen.
  3. Click on the name of your new Content Area, which you will find listed in the left-hand navigation menu of your Course.
  4. Click on Assessments and select “Self and Peer Assessment”.
  5. Choose “New” (You can import a previously created assessment from here).
  6. Give the assessment a name and input any instructions for students.
  7. Choose your submission dates. This is the period of time in which students have to submit their piece of work for evaluation.
  8. Choose your evaluation dates. This is the period of time in which students have to review other students work.
  9. Choose whether the evaluations are completed anonymously, require self review, whether results are viewable to the submitter and number of submissions each student evaluates.
  10. Choose any further date restrictions on when the assessment as a whole is to be made available.
  11. Click submit.

Assessment Canvas

This section is where you will add the questions that students will need to respond to as part of the submission process.

  1. Enter the question text using the text box editor. Remember that you have access to all the functions of the editor, so you can add in pictures, attachments or mashups for example.
  2. You can then choose to enter a model response. This is optional.
  3. When your happy click "submit".
  4. You can then repeat the process for as many questions as you would like to add.

Adding Criteria to the questions

  1. From the Assessment Canvas screen click on the downward chevron to the right of the question you want to add criteria to.
  2. On the “Edit Criteria” screen Click “Create Criteria”, or if you wish you can add a word count criteria (you will have to specify the recommended word count in the resulting screen).
  3. You are then presented with the text box editor, in which you can write your specific criteria.
  4. You will need to assign the points possible and you can also allow partial credit here.
  5. Finally you need to decide on whether you will allow students to give text based feedback during the evaluation.
  6. Click submit.
  7. You can then repeat steps 1-7 for any of the questions that you have set in the assessment canvas.


Once the evaluation period for the Peer Assessment has ended as Instructor you can view the results and send them to the Grade Centre so that students can view the marks.

To view the results:

  1. Inside your Blackboard course locate the control panel at the bottom left hand side of the screen.
  2. Locate Course tools.
  3. click on Self and Peer Assessment.
  4. You will now see the results screen.
  5. To view the detailed results of a student's evaluations click the downward chevron to the right of the name on the second column.
  6. Click “View Result”.
  7. You can now view the points and feedback (where applicable) that the student has left for each of their reviews.

Sending results

When you are ready to allow students to see their results click “Send results to the Grade Centre.” The students will then be able to view their results and feedback via My Grades.

For further information on using Self and Peer Assessment click here