Self and Peer Assessment

The Self and Peer Assessment tool in Blackboard enables the evaluation of your work by other students. It is designed to improve critical-thinking, reflection and self-reflective skills. 

This tool is split into two distinct sections, the submission period and the evaluation period. During the former you are required to provide answers to question/s that are set. During the latter evaluation period you will then review other students answers to these questions using criteria provided.

Undertaking a Self and Peer Assessment

Part 1 - Initial submission

  1. Go to and log into MUSE and Blackboard. 
  2. Locate the course that contains the Peer Assessment.
  3. Inside your course you will need to locate the Self and Peer Assessment assessment itself. You should have been given direction by your Department as to where this is located.
  4. Click on the Self and Peer Assessment link.
  5. Click view/complete assessment.
  6. Click on the question number you want to answer first.
  7. In the resulting text box add in your response. You can use the text editor to add in pictures or stream video. For more information on this see Blackboard's guide here on using the content editor
  8. When you click “next” you will be taken to the next question in the series (where there is one) for you to answer.

Part 2 - Evaluation

  1. From inside Blackboard locate the course that contains the Peer Assessment.
  2. Click on the Self and Peer Assessment link.
  3. Choose a particular student submission to start with under the name column and click their name.
  4. Check over the submission and the criteria attached to it carefully.
  5. If there is a model response supplied, check the answer against this model response.
  6. Assign points and/or feedback as required.
  7. When you have completed all the criteria you will be returned to the evaluation overview once again.
  8. Now click on the next review, and follow the steps above until you have completed all the reviews.
  9. You may also be asked to review your own submission.

Part 3 - Results

  1. From inside of Blackboard locate the course that contains your Peer Assessment.
  2. Once inside your course Click on “my Grades” in the left hand navigation menu.
  3. Click on the “Graded” title and locate the relevant peer assessment title.
  4. You should be able to see your mark for the peer assessment.
  5. Click on the title of the assessment to view the evaluations left for you by your peers.